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    Are you feeling burned out or stagnant?

    Are you tired of seeking advice only to find the the same old tired advice?

    Would you like to transform your thinking and outperform your peers?

    How about motivating your team to achieve wild levels of success?

    The Feline CEO takes a fresh look at leadership from the perspective of a cat’s behavior. Regain your passion and momentum to lead your organization to new heights with this perfect, can’t-miss book for any corporate executive!


    Tap into your ferocity through the power of the feline mind. Solve your problems with a cat’s approach as you find joy in daily hunting, graceful leaping, and reassuring routines. Rediscover the joys of playing, sleeping, and keeping them all guessing.


  • Start leading like a cat!
  • Lead with feline confidence
  • Get the view from above with catlike analysis of any and all challenges
  • Be ready to pounce as you hunt daily for opportunities
  • Keep your eyes open for new developments and be willing to test gravity when necessary
  • Find comfort in routines to free your mind for big thinking
  • Be discerning in building relationships
  • Make remarkable leaps with your new Feline Mindset
  • Rediscover the joys of play and share them with your team
  • Never underestimate the power of a good nap
  • Learn more complex feline behaviors to stay a step ahead!

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